Find, stream, and download MP3 tracks or entire albums with MP3Jam


Everybody know it: spend some time and effort on Google, and you’re likely to find a download link to any mp3 track that you are interested in. But you don’t really have to do this, because there are many free desktop programs that can find mp3 downloads for you from many sources across the internet, from a single interface. MP3Jam is such a program.

MP3Jam is a free app that can search, play and download MP3 tracks for you. Nothing too unusual there.

But what is noteworthy about it is that it has the ability to download entire albums as well, which it does very well.MP3Jam will also let you instantly share what you are listening to over Facebook and Twitter.

What is remarkable about this software is how little there is to say about it. It just works, replete with album art for the search results, and the user is not much involved in where the music is streamed from or what goes on behind the scenes.

MP3Jam Screenshot

The screenshots below shows MP3Jam in entire-album download action:

MP3Jam Screenshot2

The verdict:

An excellent software; no frills, and does what it does. If you are worried about copyright issues you can still use MP3Jam for streaming and listening to individual MP3 tracks and entire albums without downloading anything.

MP3Jam gets kudos for a very attractive and simple interface, as well as the complete absence of any bundled crapware offers in the installer, at least at this point in time and the version we tested.

Get MP3Jam here (Windows).