Find Twitter Users Worth Following, with ‘Discovr People’ for iOS


Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging service on the internet right now, and for those of us who would like to follow relevant and interesting people (that we do not yet know about) there is a discover section on Twitter that suggests people to follow based on categories and regions and the like.

But finding users worth following is still hit and miss; to solve this problem, you should give Discovr People for iOS a try.

‘Discovr People’ is a free iOS app that works by mapping out all the people who interacted with the any person that a user is interested in, in a clean and simple chart.

The app also allows users to check for top lists based on different categories, check out their own lists, and manage them within the app.

Using Discovr People

Once logged in, just launch the app and you will be presented with a simple and user-friendly interface. To check the current lists in the app, just tap on them and it will show you all the users on the list. The app also shows users “Your Lists” and “Listed” tabs that shows you information from your own account.

Tapping on any user will show you his recent connections in a geographical way showing you different users that might be worth following. The nodes in the map shows users that were contacted recently by the searched person. Double tapping on their image will open up their account just like Twitter, from where you can also follow the user. It will show you the user’s profile, his/her connections, tweets, mentions, people he is following etc.

In Conclusion

Discovr People is a very handy iOS application that employs a novel and fun concept to find interesting people on Twitter. If you are new to Twitter and are looking for quality tweeters, you should give Discovr People a try. It is simple, user-friendly and worth trying whether you are a serious Twitter user or if

Feel free to share your views if you tried Discovr People.

Download Discovr People (iOS).