Find YouTube videos that were shot near you, with “YouTube Videos Near Me”


Wonderful videos are being shot and uploaded in fabulous places by fabulous people all over the world at this very minute, but what about your very own city or neighborhood? The next viral might be being shot right down your street. Or not.

Either way, “YouTube Videos Near Me” will conveniently display videos near you on a Google map.

Of course, this tool only works with Geo-tagged videos, which are a small percentage of YouTube videos, but are a lot more common and plentiful than one might expect.

How it works

“YouTube Videos Near Me” identifies your current location (easily done through your ISP), or you can drag the red marker wherever your want it. It calculates the latitude and longitude of the marker placement and then searches the YouTube database to find geo-tagged videos within a two mile radius from that location. The resulting videos will be displayed under the map.

YouTube Videos Near Me2

The verdict

This service gets a lot of points for originality, and is at the very least interesting to check out from time to time.

Visit “YouTube Videos Near Me”. [Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this service]