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Flyff (Fly for Fun) is a free online MMORPG with a fantasy setting. One of the most popular free MMORPGS around, Flyff has a massive number of players. The game consists of 120 levels to go through, with the ability to fly granted at level 20. Each level also contains plenty of monsters, quests, parties, guilds, and more flying. Money is made at the cash shop in which players pay real money for items, although the game is designed such that you never have to buy anything from the cash shop to play the game.

Flyff follows the typical MMORPG convention of characters starting off in a low class (class 1, called Vagrant) and work their way up from there by defeating monsters and gaining experience points. As the player progresses through different levels they can attain new skills and assume new roles.To start off with the game is somewhat confusing, but most players are happy to help newbies get their barings.

It’s not long before you find yourself knowing vast areas of the town and surrounding hills and showing others where to go. When you hit around level 20 you discover you can fly, and you gain access to another 5 locations of even bigger size to explore, each with different level monsters and quests.

Main features:

  • Six servers to choose from, with the ability to create four characters in each, all under the same username and password. Each server with its own unique economy.
  • Three class levels with 4 streams to choose from. Starting with Vagrant, you can then choose between Acrobat, Assist, Magician, and Mercenary. On the next class change, there are two options to choose from for each one of the previous options. Class changes happen at level 15 and then at level 60
  • All classes have unique skills, weapons and armor. For example, a Merc has weapon skills such as sword/axe enhancements, while an assist has buffs (increase strength/hit points). Weapons for a Merc are swords and axes and such while Assists are relegated to sticks. There are many styles of armor for the various levels, including the elusive ultra rare and expensive sets that are (eventually) obtainable.
  • Parties/groups can get together to attack a monster at the same time, gaining experience on either their contribution or their level, depending on what the party leader had set. Parties also gain experience, and with high level parties, special “party skills” can be used (like Gift Box, for example, which increases monsters’ drop rate thereby increasing the chances of getting rare items). Parties can challenge the “ClockWork”, one of the high level monsters
    that can only be sporned (or created) one at a time by a Games Master, on request of a party. On rare occasions, towns get invaded; there are countless videos of this on YouTube, I advise you take a look!
  • Guilds, can be created by level 40+ players. Guilds can battle each other, either at specified places as a team, or just anywhere generally. Guild rankings are important, and the higher the rating, the better the cloak bonus for all its members, increasing strength and many number of character attributes.
  • The Flyff community is quite simply massive, with lots of activity on the official forum as well as on the two leading fan sites. These resources will be really useful in helping you start playing and understanding the game. The game also has an integrated chat system, with buddy, party, and guild listings for private chatting too.

Differences between free and paid versions: after looking at the Knight Online review, I thought it important to point out that there are no limitations to Flyff; if you wish to never spend a penny of real money on it. People spend real money as enables them to get special items and fashion clothing/avatars. It does not unlock special areas or any such thing.

The verdict: despite the large 568 meg download, this game is well worth playing and I highly recommend it. The creators of Flyff know how to make a good MMORPG ; they also have another popular one called Rappelz, which is the most popular mediaeval free MMORPG according to user votes on

Version tested: 6

Compatibility: Windows 2000 or higher, DirectX 9.0 or better, CPU min 800MHZ, RAM min 128, and any halfway decent graphics card.

Go to the download page to get the latest version (approx 568 megs). Also visit the program home page.

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