Folder Bookmarks: top-docking launcher lets you access your favorite files, folders, and shortcuts right on your desktop


Just as files and folders keep increasing on your computer and your desktop, so do the tools to organize them keep appearing, it seems.

Folder Bookmarks is yet another such a tool. And although it is somewhat early in its development, it still manages to be quite useful. As it’s name implies, Folder Bookmarks provides an interface where you can access favorite files, folders, as well as program shortcuts right on your desktop.

Four things to note about this program; (1) it lets you create categories to organize your files and folders into; (2) it provides a tabbed interface that (3) docks into the top of your screen and (4) allows for dragging and dropping to add files and folders.

This is the latest entry in my ever-ongoing quest to get organized. Folder Bookmarks looks like a tabbed launcher such as FSL Launcher, that docks to the top of the screen and pops up when you mouse over it.

Folder Bookmarks Screenshot2

This is a very simple program that is very early in it’s development. A few notes:

  • Two interfaces: a main interface where you can create categories and manage them, and a so-called mini-menu which is the top docking interface pictured above. By default the mini menu is set to load with Windows when you install the program.
  • Tabs are sorted alphabetically.
  • Drag and drop: to add files/folders/shortcuts to each tab.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better):

  • Installation: the program installed itself in a strange place on my D: partition (D:’Application Data’CPascoe’Folder Bookmarks). Not sure why that was the case, when I would have preferred “program files” on C. Hopefully this will change in the future.
  • Dragging and dropping to an inactive tab: currently in the mini-menu you cannot drag and drop an item to a tab that is inactive, but have to activate it via a click first then drag. It would be great if you could also drag and drop to an inactive tab and have it be placed there.

The verdict: a nice little app that, if you need to get organized, might prove a great help. Still early in it’s development though and hopefully it will keep growing and getting better.

Version Tested: 1.65

Compatibility: WinAll. Tested on 64bit Windows 7.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 1315K).