Folder Menu: access favorite folders, apps, and URL via hotkey or middle mouse button


Folder Menu is a free utility that can display a popup-list of favorite folders, files, and program shortcuts via hotkey or by using the middle mouse button.

An added function is the ability to browse your files and folders within the popup dialog.

Is there anything more useful than an app that can instantly open your favorite folders or files or launch your favorite apps or websites? It’s possible, I suppose, but either way this favorite-folders at your fingertips app is pretty darn handy.

Folder Menu provides a number of interesting features; for example it can display a list of recently-opened folders, and it allows you to browse your files and folders within the interface if you like. It works within Windows explorer as well as inside many other apps, and provides the possibility of manually adding any apps that are not supported by default. More notes below:

  • My favorite Folder Menu functions: (1) Favorite folders; (2) Browsing folders within the interface; (3) Launching favorite apps, and (4) Opening selected path/URL by hotkey (see “open selected text” below).
  • How it works: the middle mouse button will bring up the Folder Menu by default. For those who are keyboard-inclined (or, like me, use a laptop) Win+W can invoke the app as well.
  • Entities supported: you can launch folders, files, URLs, as well as registry keys.
  • Browsing: bring Folder Menu on screen, then press CTRL and left-click on your folders. This allows you to browse your folders quickly and freely. CTRL+Shift will display files as well as folders. Also, CAPS LOCK will toggle browsing if its on (this behavior can be switched off in the settings).
  • Filtering (for vista): a handy function where you can filter open folders by your desired file type. Sadly does not work on XP, so I couldn’t see it in action.
  • Open selected text: select/highlight a URL or path (or registry key) then press
    Win+J to open it. Pretty cool.
  • Adding favorites: go to options/favorites, and then drag and drop the folder you want to add. To change the display order use shift+arrows; to delete press “delete”.
  • System tray icon: you can access Folder Menu from the system tray. Note that it is possible to hid the system tray icon from the settings if you want to.
  • Memory use: approx. 11 megs in memory, which is reasonable though not lightweight.
  • Installation: portable, no installation needed. Place the .exe in an appropriate folder and run; it will create a config file when first run.

Wish list: (or how this program could be even better)

  • Support for Open/Save dialogs: while the program states that it supports open/save dialogs in Windows and MS Office, I couldn’t get this to work when I tested on XP (using both ver. 1.20 and 2.0 beta).

The verdict: a great little app which can be extremely useful. The interface (for setting up your favorite folders and customizing the app) could be more user friendly, but overall the program works really well. I remain continually amazed with the kind of cool apps that are made using Autohotkey.

Version Tested: 2.00 b5

Compatibility: Windows All.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 267K).