Folder Scout


Folder Scout gives instant access to your drives and your frequently used folders and files.

It includes a folder search function, the ability to define folder favorites, as well as easy access to recently used folders and documents.

Another day, another application that aims to quickly connect you with your frequently used folders. Folder Scout runs in the background and is accessed via a tray icon.

Folder Scout’s user interface features Firefox style tabs on its main screen that are organized around its various functions.

Here are some notes on these:

  • Searching/finding folders: type in a few letters and in the “find folder” search box and Folder Scout will instantly display matching results. This is a really cool functionality and is surprisingly fast.
  • Favorites: define your favorite folders for quick access. You can also add favorites conveniently using the windows explorer context menu.
  • Recent folders: will keep track of the history of accessed folders; can be filtered by date (if, say, you only want to look at folders you accessed yesterday).
  • Recent documents: similar to recent folder, but I must say I like that recent folders and recent docs are handled through separate tabs. You can filter by date here as well, but one thing that I wish they would also include is filtering by file type/extension (in which case you could use Folder Scout in place of an app such as Documeron).
  • Root folder quick jump: shortcut buttons to root folders (i.e. your basic fixed, removable or network drives) are displayed prominently in the main tab

Folder Scout has a nice look and feel and is a nice set of functions, and is free of charge to boot. Try it you will like it; note, however, that until it is no longer beta it might exhibit the occasional error (it crashed a couple of times in 24 hours, but I am sure these kinks will eventually be ironed out).

Update: since this review was first published this program has become shareware; however you can download the freeware version I tested (1.0 beta 2) using this link.

Version tested: 1.0 beta 2

Compatibility: Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, VISTA.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 120K). Also visit the program home page.