Folder Size


Folder Size is a free utility that displays the size of folders in Explorer folder windows alongside file sizes.

Works with Windows 2000 and XP, does not work with 64-bit Windows PCs.

Despite the fact that I know that Windows does not display the folder sizes in explorer windows, I somehow manage to be surprised every time I need the folder sizes, look for them, and find that they are not there. This program will finally put them there (see screenshot).

How to use this program: After installing, open any folder explorer window to ‘details’ view, right click on the column header, uncheck the original ‘size’, check ‘foldersize’, and move that column to where you want it to be.

Next go to the tools menu, folder options, ‘view’ tab and click on ‘apply to all folders’.

Not much more to say about this, except perhaps a big thank you to the developer.

Version tested:  2.3

Go to the download and install page for the latest version. The Program home page.