Four Mini Reviews: SimplyZip, DP MediaInfo, IndexMaker, and UPXG


this posting will provide a number of mini-reviews for freeware programs written by the amazing Dirk Paehl: SimplyZip, DP MediaInfo, IndexMaker, and UPXG.

I received an email from reader Christ T (CT) which had insightful things to say about a number of freeware titles written by Dirk Paehl.

CT kindly allowed me to use his mini reviews as a posting.

CT: “Purely by accident (I was searching for a “GUI UPX-er”) I came across a website full of Outstanding Freeware Programs, from a guy named Dirk Paehl (visit his site here).

He has a LOT of nice SMALL programs, notably:

  • SimplyZip: 2.22 MB Multi-Archive Tool, with GREAT Encryption ability, spanning/multi-zip, supports Many, MANY Archive types, and it can even run Portably! It’s directory looks like “Universal Extractor”, but it can Create as well as Extract, and more – Very Nice! (screenshot above).
  • DP MediaInfo ScreenshotDP MediaInfo: 0.54 MB, kind of like “GSpot”, only much more comprehensive, IMHO! [Note: for a full Freewaregenius review of the related MediaInfo, go here].
  • IndexMaker: 187.28 KB (yes, ’KB’!) & CDtoHTML, 208.35 KB – Which create HTML from Files & Folders and from CD’s/DVD’s (respectively), very handy for cataloging.
  • UPXG [UPX Graphical]: the reason I found his site, only 372.55 KB (with Docs & Uninstaller); It’s a Single-File GUI for UPX, but with the UPX 3.03 ’Engine’ BUILT-IN to the single 351 KB ’EXE’ file, Totally Stand-Alone or with optional Shell Integration, plus many other options – I still haven’t figured out how the heck he did it, UPX is 265 KB by itself! Maybe his brain thinks at Machine-Language Level? Beats “UPX Shell”, “UPX Front End”, or “UPX Tool+” – Scary Efficient!

I really like UPXG & SimplyZip particularly, and have been using them a lot lately, with no problems at all.  SimplyZip and Pismo File Mount are working beautifully together.

[Mr Paehl] has many more, not as many as Nir Sofer [NirSoft], but close, and because he speaks German, some documentation takes re-reading/interpretation, but TRULY worth a good look! This guy honestly compares to Nir Sofer or SysInternals software!”

Thanks CT!

It is also worth noting that Dirk Paehl is involved with the Amok group, who have their own site full of good freeware programs. (See my review of Amok DVD Shrinker; also noteworthy is Amok CD/DVD Burning – a portable full featured “Nero Replacement” type CD/DVD burner.

Go to Dirk Paehl’s Freeware page. Also go to the Amok freeware page.