Free Disk Usage Analyzer: find where all your disk space has gone


Free Disk Usage Analyzer is a free hard drive analysis tool that reveals those files and folders on your drive(s) that are occupying the most disk space. It displays ranked lists of both your top space-hogging files and folders.

is designed to display a summary of your disk’s occupancy or otherwise a ranked list of the largest files or the largest folders.

Are you running out of space on your hard drive(s)? With all the music and media files, etc., and other random junk that accumulates these days it is easy to find all the space gobbled up.

FreeDiskAnalyzer is a very well designed tool that can help you identify files and folders that are taking up the most space so that you can decide on the ones to delete (or move onto other storage) that would make a tangible difference on your disk’s free space.

This program is designed around 3 tabs that you can use to view your data. These are; (1) a contents “overview” tab (displays a normal folder structure); (2) a “Largest Files” tab that presents a flat overview of all the files on your selected hard drive or folder, sorted by size; and (3) a “Largest Folders” tab: which presents a flat overview of all the folders inside your selected hard drive or folder sorted by size.

Here are 3 reasons why this software is pretty cool:

  1. freediskanalyzer screenshot2The Largest Files tab: is extremely useful, especially if you need to clear some space quickly and want to find and remove gigantic files that are the worst offenders. What makes this really useful is that it is a flat list that includes all files inside your selected drive or folder and its subfolders recursively.
  2. A “Largest Folders” tab: same as above. The flat display is very useful in that you don’t have to go hunting down treelike structures to find the biggest space hogs (this tab pictured in the screenshot on top of the post).
  3. The “normal” windows context menu is enabled in the list of results. This means that you can intervene on-the-spot to delete files/folders that you don’t want, move them, or perform whatever operation you choose. (Some programs of this kind force you to jump back into Windows explorer to perform operations; not this one).

The verdict: this program doesn’t have the pie charts and fancy visuals that are offered by other programs in it’s category, but it really doesn’t need them and in my opinion it’s simple use of flat lists and of bars and percentages is much more useful than a lot of fancy graphics. I especially appreciate the largest file list, which is really helpful (and many times is missing from programs like this one).

It is extremely well designed, to-the-point, and very practical. Recommended!

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows All.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 11.1 megs).