Free Giveaway: ‘YoWindow Unlimited’ weather app and screensaver


We’ve featured a number of giveaways on Freewaregenius in the past, but this one is by far the most exciting to date.

You may remember YoWindow, a desktop-based weather app for Windows and Mac featuring a very nice visual twist: the weather conditions and time of day are represented through atmospheric on-screen visuals.

And while the free version was restricted to a single (albeit pretty) farm scene, the paid version contains many more and will let you create your own scenes or use ones that were shared by the YoWindow community.

YoWindow Screenshot Seattle

Take for example the Seattle scene displayed above, which I created myself from an image I found on the internet. I did have to go in with a bitmap editor and make the sky transparent,and then pinpoint the horizon line within the program itself, but the rain and greyness and general atmosphere are elements that YoWindow added interactively.

This illustration below shows YoWindow in action across different seasons. You could also read our previous review of the free version of YoWindow for a more thorough discussion.

YoWindow seasons

To get your hands on the full ‘YoWindow Unlimited’, go to the YoWindow home page and download and install the program, then visit this page and enter your info; you will be promptly emailed a valid registration serial.

The giveaway is only available for a limited time, so act now and tell everyone you know.