Gamma Bros


Gamma Bros is a surprisingly playable free shoot em up game that is purposely ‘retro’ in its pixellated graphics and design.

It is a flash game that you can play online in your browser, but is also downloadable if you would rather play it from your hard drive.

The storyline is as follows: the brothers Buzz and Zap Gamma need to get home to earth for dinner after a hard day’s work at a giant space station near Jupiter.

The long float downward is fraught with hostile enemy aliens and ships, but luckily their little spaceships come equipped with a four-way laser (that can also be upgraded to much deadlier weaponry).

Here’s what you need to know about this game:Gamma Bros Screenshot 2

  • The pixellated graphics and bleepy sounds are part and parcel of what makes this game cool; no 3d graphics; no hi-spec machines need.
  • Killing entire squadrons of hostiles rewards you with either coins, health canisters, or upgrades. You can use the cash to buy upgrades from the salesman that flies by from time to time.
  • Upgrades include double lasers, temporary shields, powerful shots, etc.
  • Completing levels reveals passcodes that unlock these, so that you can go straight to the advanced level once you get to it once.

This game starts off pretty slow but is quite engaging if you stick with it; what starts out as a sleepy game becomes increasingly more rewarding. If you miss for the addictive retro playability of Galaxian, Robotron, or Centipede (this game is very much a cross of the three) then you should check this one out. Oh, and its also free… what more could anybody ask for?

Version tested: 1.03

Compatibility: WinAll, Mac, or online through any browser

Go to the program home page to download the latest version, or play online.