GeeTeeDee: simple, stylish task manager


This program is a free, desktop-based task management software. These programs tend to come in two flavors; feature intensive and complex, vs. simple and straightforward. GeeTeeDee falls squarely in the “simple and straightforward” camp.

While GeeTeeDee’s  name is a reference to the GTD (getting things done) organizational methodology, it is in fact a simple to-do list which only supports the GTD concepts of writing things down and organizing them into lists (or groups). GeeTeeDee will let you create groups and marshall your tasks into them via dragging and dropping, all within a stylishly elegant interface.

It will let you add a due date and a note to your task, as well as check it off when you’re finished, but that’s about all. However, it is exactly this simplicity and elegance which makes this program attractive (take one glance at the screenshot above and you will see what I mean).

GeeTeeDee Screenshot

Here’s some PROs and a Wish list


  • Simple task manager, without too many complications or distractions.
  • Stylish, elegant interface
  • Drag and drop your entries to arrange or move them into their respective groups
  • Overdue items are marked in red.
  • Portable version: is available; just unzip and run.

Wish list:

  • A way to look at all tasks, or tasks that are in multiple groups: it would be great, for example, if there was a check box next to each group that would display its tasks in the main view, such that you could check and view multiple groups simultaneously (and a “check all” option above for all groups together).
  • Online synchronization: and an iPhone app to go with it, would be nice

The verdict: as mentioned, the attraction that this software holds comes from the combination of its simplicity and stylishness, and the fact that it is not overburdened with features – although a few strategic additions, such as the ones in my wish list above, would be great ;).

Version Tested: 0.1.161

Compatibility: Windows; Mac and mobile versions are in the pipeline.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 3.6 megs for the portable version).