Get 2D roleplaying action in “The Last Stand – Union City”: a free post apocalyptic zombie survival game


The Last Stand: Union City (TLSUC) is a great 2D, web based flash roleplaying game. It is a survival horror game which pushes the bounds of what one can expect from a flash game, and provides hours of gaming goodness at no cost.

The Last Stand: Union City is a game that I only found out about recently, but I feel is worth sharing. Generally, I am not a huge fan of flash based games, although I do enjoy some of the casual web based games out there.

Lately I have been playing a lot more of these casual flash games because my current laptop is a little underpowered in the graphics area.

For example, my laptop just doesn’t have the graphics power to be able to play great games like Fallout 3, which (for those who don’t know) is a very popular post-apocalyptic roleplaying game with lots of zombie shooting action.

 It also happens to be one of my favorite games so of course I was a little sad to find out that I can’t play it on my current laptop. I was, therefore, very happy to discover TLSUC.

The Last Stand Union City Screen 3The Last Stand Union City Screen 8

The easiest and most basic a way to describe TLSUC is that it is very much alike Fallout 3 combined with Resident Evil, on a two dimensional flash platform on the web.  That simple description doesn’t really do justice to the game, its complexities and depth.  To begin live there are two different modes to play game and each has its own appeal.  The easy or normal mode is less complex and challenging than the hard mode because the latter requires your character to get food and sleep in order to survive, whereas the former does not.  In either mode there is a surprising amount of realism to the game despite the fact that it is two dimensional.  For example, turning on your flashlight or firing a loud weapon will attract enemies to you, just as it would in real life. This attention to detail is apparent throughout every aspect of the game.

The Last Stand Union City Screen 11The Last Stand Union City Screen 17

The pros of TLSUC are many and varied.  As mentioned, it is totally web based on the flash engine so you do not need to install the game and can play it from anywhere that has an Internet connection.  Also, because it is a flash game the requirements to play it are relatively low.  Even so, there are lots of complex actions to perform besides moving and shooting so it does not bore you quickly, like so many casual flash games can.  The graphics, while two dimensional are actually pretty high quality and very engaging.  The blood and violence are quite satisfying but can be turned down or off if you desire.  Again, the little details are not spared, right down to things like showing the clothes and equipment that you’re wearing on your character, rather than having the same character with the same appearance throughout the entire game.

The Last Stand Union City Screen 19The Last Stand Union City Screen 25

There is also a very complex character development system that should be recognizable to any serious RPG player.  As you kill enemies and accomplish goals you will gain experience points that can then be distributed to different skills and attributes that will help you survive and progress to the next level. You will be given various different quests throughout the game, which will lead you through a fairly familiar post-apocalyptic storyline, mostly revolving around survival and finding your loved ones.  Along the way, you will also be able to pick up a companion or two that will help you in combat.  You will spend much of your time searching for items that will help you survive, such as weapons, food, armor, and quest items.  There is even a pretty nifty lock picking system that will simulate taking a lock when you want to break into something.

The Last Stand Union City Screen 24The Last Stand Union City Screen 18

The cons, or downsides, of TLSUC are pretty few and fairly inconsequential.  There is “premium content” offered if you want to put real cash into the game, but as is standard these days, it is not required.  That particular feature could be viewed as both positive and negative, since it helps the developers to continue making great games for us to play. The other possible downside is that the game is a web based so you would not be able to play on a computer that does not have Internet connection. It does, however, have a save game feature so you can keep your progress from session to session.

The Last Stand Union City Screen 20The Last Stand Union City Screen 14

All in all, I was very impressed with TLSUC as a game in general, as well as a zombie survival RPG.  Because it is two dimensional and flash based it is a nice alternative for those of us who cannot play the really pretty 3D games at the moment. I would recommend this game two anyone who enjoys shooting zombies, hacking zombies into pieces, or skulking through abandoned houses and city parks to find supplies.  Go give it a try, and see if it is for you. After all, if you don’t like it, I can always refund your boredom. Until next time, my friends.

Check out The Last Stand: Union City here.