Get a pure combat adrenaline rush with ‘Robot Rising’


Do you like robots, explosions and fast paced combat? If so, and you also love the free price tag on a game, you will find Robot Rising to be one of the best games this year. It runs on the Unity Engine so it can be played in the browser, and is also easily connected with your Facebook account.

While there have been a number of great ‘robot’ based games in the past, Robot Rising is shaping up in its open beta stages to already surpass most of them in all the important areas: graphics, sound and actual game play.

For those that have never played this kind of game but enjoy both combat and strategy, you’ll find this to be a great doorway to a whole new world of enjoyment for free in your browser!

Robot Rising is one of those few and far between games that comes along once every few years, showing up with a few new ideas and innovations but mostly giving a highly polished and well- thought out example of the ideas of yesterday.


While you won’t hear many magazines calling Robot Rising the greatest game of the year, you will find that it offers you more than adequate challenges and entertainment through its unique system combination of strategy, tactics and twitchy combat. It requires the installation of the free Unity Engine to play and also a Facebook account (these are the only real downsides or cons I found, personally) to get started. Those are the only things you will have to worry about as far as ‘installation’ is concerned.


Once you have gotten started, you’ll be taken to the first tutorials, which differ from most games you might find on Facebook in that it will throw you right into the action from moment one and doesn’t offer a high learning curve or a lot of time sitting around watching progress bars. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal (especially for a game connected to FB) and the sound is adequate as you work through the various stages. Fans of the Battletech universe will find much familiar and nostalgic here, as well. There’s tons of customization as well as exploration and discovery, not to mention the constant option to blow things up!


Essentially, you’ll have a base to build and maintain, through adding and upgrading buildings as well as gathering and distributing resources as one half of the game. Again, unlike other FB games I have played, the graphics are quite entertaining and eye-catching and are in fact the biggest draw to this game, aside from the community based RPG aspects. The other half of the game offers you a twitch fest of exploration and combat in goal oriented missions that will let you ‘pilot’ your robots through the 3D isometric environments (MASSIVE amounts of camera and viewing  options, too!), all of which are beautifully rendered as well. There are, of course, ways you can get an advantage on the competition (both human and AI) such as inviting your friends to play and other FB gaming standards but none of these are required to enjoy and progress through what the game has to offer.


Personally, I am hoping this game heralds a new dawn for the FB gaming community, since we are desperately in need of such. The games most often found on FB may entertain for a few minutes but lack depth and offer very little to the more than casual gamer. This one is an exception and, with the Unity Engine being on offer to all developers now with virtually bug-free operation, I can see a future of gaming in a social setting to take us into the next century in style. If Arthur C. Clarke had created a video game, it might look something like Robot Rising, so give it a try and see if you are as impressed by the fact that this kind of gooey gaming goodness can be had for no money! Until next time, my friends!

  • Get started with Robot Rising here.