Get automatic reminders on your phone and email with ReminderGuru


ReminderGuru is a nifty web page that lets you set up and receive automated reminders of any event you choose, for free. It has options to get your reminders via phone or email, and is very easy to use.

With all the different ways out there to stay organized, including calendar apps, alarm clocks, and task management programs, it’s occasionally nice to find a program or page that allows you to do one thing, simply and effectively.

ReminderGuru is one of those, offering you the ability to set up reminders to yourself for pretty much anything you can think of.

You know those colored post it notes that some of us still use to remind ourselves of important dates or times? Well ReminderGuru will let you almost completely eliminate those from your necessary office supplies.


ReminderGuru has tons of options as well.  You can set up are reminders for any type of date or occasion that you need.  Birthdays, weddings, interviews, or any other kind of appointment you can think of.  Among the different options you can choose for your reminders are what time of day as well as what date of the month and year that the reminder is for which means that you can set up reminders for years in advance if you want to.  Additionally, you can also set up reminders to repeat themselves I either daily or every week or whatever you need.


There are three options for how the reminder is to be executed.  You can have your reminder sent to you in an E mail message.  You can have the reminder sent to you on your phone by a text message or a voice call.  The voice call option is the one that I use most.  When you set up a reminder for a voice call you will receive an actual telephone call to your mobile phone or your land line that will have a pleasant computer voice with a clipped British accent actually you read the text of your reminder to you.  So, for example, if you’re reminder text says is something like “go to work,” then you will hear the computer voice are read out those words.  This is handy so that you receive the information in the reminder and you know what the reminder is about instead of just getting a call that tells you that you asked for a call.


Aside from the different options as to how your reminders are to be executed, the web site also shows high quality in management of your reminders. Setting up the reminders is very easy right up to the captcha type box that is very easy to read, as opposed to the other captives screens that want you to try and spell crazy things like “lemon burfittcomunism” and such. But in addition to being easy to set up they are easy to review and manage.  From the main reminder menu you can look at pending reminders as well as pastor reminders that you have used previously.  This is handy when you want to repeat a reminder that you have used before. The my account section is also simple and pretty self explanatory.


The whole site shows that there was a lot of thought put into building it.  This is shown in little things like the popup confirmations that appear when you create a new reminder or modify an existing one.  The popup confirmation shows for about 5 seconds and then vanishes on its own instead of requiring you to click and acts as most web reminders do. If nothing else this helps the save on the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome for all of us. Additionally, the reminder phone calls (if you chose that option) always come from the same number, so you can put it in your phone book and recognize it when it comes in. You could give it a nickname in your phone book or even set up a personalized ringtone, if your phone supports that capability.


The only a real downside that I found to the website is that the entire paging and services supported by advertisements.  This is, however, fairly common and it does make the service and page totally free to use so it’s not really that big of a deal.  Other than that I didn’t really find any downsides to sell this one is definitely a winner in my book.  As a matter of fact I am giving it a reminder call right now to go and have breakfast so: until next time my friends.

Check out ReminderGuru here.