Get awesome custom MMO shooter action with Battlefield Play4Free


Battlefield Play4Free is a wonderful free frag-fest that installs through your browser, runs on your local system, and offers tons of first-person online shooter excitement and social interaction.

Those of us who miss the days of Counterstrike being the most popular shooter on the net are probably considered dinosaurs now but the fact is that in those fairly early days of what would become modern online gaming we felt the experience was intense and probably took it way too seriously.

From clan web pages and spray tags to the trash talk in active chat during any specific map, there was always some kind of interaction going on between players beyond the game’s aspects of kill or be killed. We invested a lot of our time and efforts into making the experience everything it could possibly be and in the end I think we succeeded. Seeing games like Battlefield Play4Free come along and become popular puts me in mind of those days because of how the whole package of online gaming has changed over the years. it is no longer the province of the four-eyed sect, but is in fact a viable and common way to pass time and enjoy it.


The game requires a brief sign up process, which is shorter if you already have an EA account, but it’s pretty smooth and painless in any case. Once done you will need to authorize a couple of extensions to run on your browser, and the game will begin the update process. This is a necessary evil to any online game, especially a massive multiplayer one, and it can take quite a while the first time you run it. Additionally, I will note here that while the game is totally free to download and play, it does have those premium pay features that so many free online games do these days. They are entirely optional, however, and don’t detract from the game’s enjoyment.

Battlefield Screen 1

From the first moment you’re dropped into the first battle, this game will feel familiar to any FPS fan, especially those who played a lot of Counterstrike and Team Fortress Classic. However, there are major improvements over those early games. Things like vehicles and realistic physics are common in Battlefield Play4Free and they are all done superbly. If you’ve every wondered what a free FPS could be if it was sponsored by a big name company (like Electronic Arts) this is the answer you hoped for. The graphics are exceptionally smooth, even on a modest system like my laptop. The audio is well defined and acoustic, and the gameplay is fast and furious without being arcade-style. There’s a realism to it that is lacking in previous, similar attempts at the genre and EA has really hit a winner in my opinion just on the game play alone.

Battlefield Screen 4

With a host of upgrade and customization options, like choosing your profession and weapon load outs as well as your character’s physical appearance, Battlefield Play4Free offers tons of ways to make the experience personal for you, and after all, shouldn’t war be personal? You can get started playing within mere moments of the final download and install, although the server you connect to randomly may not speak the same language as you in the chat bar. This isn’t usually a problem, however, since the language of bullets is pretty universal. Until next time, my friends.

Battlefield Screen 3 Get Battlefield Play4Free here.