Get awesome undead action for free with Zombie Shooter


Do you look forward to the day when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives and we can all go hog wild slicing and dicing our former neighbors when they become blood-thirsty moaning shufflers intent on consuming your grey matter? If so, then Zombie Shooter may be a great game to hone some of your Zombie smashing strategies until that day arrives.

There’s a ton of Zombie themed games and many of them are absolutely stunning as far as graphics and sound , but unfortunately many are a bit shallow and lacking in the area of actual gameplay.

Zombie Shooter from is on the opposite side of the spectrum: while the graphics and sound are basic and not terribly in depth, they are pretty and impressive considering the size of the game file and the actual gameplay is tons of gooey zombie destruction.

Also, there are quite a few neat little surprises for anyone who can survive long enough to find them. But, beware and bear in mind that while this is all fun and games, those groaning brain-eaters aren’t going to just sit there waiting for you to figure out what to do next!


Zombie Shooter requires you to download the program but it’s quite small, coming in at less than 60MB and the requirements are rather on the low end so even modest PCs can play it and expect decent frame rates and response times from the program. As far as the game play itself goes, think of Zombie Shooter as a sort of Diablo-style dungeon hack but with a zombie apoc theme and lots of boom sticks. The graphics, as stated, are not comparable to say, Mass Effect 3 or anything but there is an amazing amount of detail the creators managed to get into the screen and the gore and special effects (essential to pretty much any Z.A. game) are quite well done when you consider the price tag attached ($0) and the fact that you can jump right in without a four hour intro movie.

Zombie Shooter ScreenShot00012Zombie Shooter ScreenShot00010

Some have described Zombie Shooter as a top-down isometric remake of Resident Evil but personally I didn’t see the resemblance other than the thematic material. In other words, this game is just plain fun, and those who enjoy Zombie culture will find lots here to enjoy in a more casual manner than the more in-depth and time consuming Z.A. style games. There are many RPG elements in the game play itself but they don’t overwhelm you with micromanaging anything, especially on easy mode. You can jump in, play for a while, and jump out without worrying that you didn’t make it to the next chapter or save point. There are multiple game modes like the traditional survival mode, as well as a campaign that has a fairly good story attached. The control scheme is elegant, as any decent zombie game should have, consisting largely of moving with the WASD keys and shooting with the mouse and a decent alternate scheme for using a laptop’s touchpad.

The only real downside I found to Zombie Shooter is that the program wants to set your browser home page to the developer’s site when you first install it. That’s easy to avoid, however, if you’re paying attention. Just uncheck the box and continue installation as normal. In addition, bear in mind that the game is cost free, ad free and annoying pop-up free so it is already head and shoulders above many competing programs of the same kind. For those reasons alone, I find Zombie Shooter to be one of the best free zombie themed games I have played this year. Until next time, my friends, go get your Crovel™ and kill some zombies!

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