Get double-right-click functionality with Clickzap


Clickzap offers the ability to execute one of a handful of useful tasks whenever you double click your right mouse button.

The number of possible tasks performed isn’t that big, and of course you can only choose one of them, but if you need to execute any one of these quickly and easily, Clickzap delivers.

There are 8 supported tasks in total: lock computer, log-off, shutdown, minimize active window, minimize all windows, close active window, close all windows, and mute sound.

The last two are my favorites (although I might note that the ’close all windows’ function causes any programs that you may be running that have invisible windows to become visible and minimized on the desktop).

Clickzap’s memory use is just under 3 megs, which of course isn’t a lot but in my opinion could have probably been less for an application like this. The real question is whether this program could be useful for you; try it and find out.

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP; no info on Vista.

Download here (approx. 422K), or go to the developer’s page to get the latest version.