Get dynamic, realistic physics fun with Angry World War II on your Android – for free!


Have you played Angry Birds until your tapping finger bleeds? Do you like historical battles and realistic physics based games? If so, I have just the thing for you! It’s called Angry World War II and it lives up to the expectations that such an ostentatious and descriptive name would suggest. Best of all, it is absolutely free!

Angry Birds started a long and fanatic following of people who love these kinds of casual physics games. While Angry Birds is a simple concept, it has been called (once or twice by some) a repetitive experience.

Additionally, the graphics are quite pretty and well rendered but there are a couple of other areas the game could be considered to be lacking in. The core concept is quite solid, however, and has spawned a number of other great game ideas. Angry World War II is one of the best that I have found and, in contrast to some of the others out there, it costs nothing to download and play.

AWWII Screenshot 00001AWWII Screenshot 00002

Angry World War II is just what it sounds like. You will have a single soldier on the left end of a semi-3D field, that will throw grenades based on a trajectory and strength of toss you designate by dragging or swiping your fingertip from the soldier toward the targets. This, however, is the end of where it is similar to A.B. and is also where the real fun begins. Angry World War II has not only a soldier that tosses grenades but also allows you to purchase upgraded ammo like tanks and bomber planes to drop on your enemies as you progress through the various levels. Each level is semi-based on historical battles, in location and concept but that’s about where the realism ends unless you count the realistic physics.

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The physics in the game are surprisingly robust. If, for instance, you knock down a wall with a particularly violent explosion (say, from a tank blast) you may get to see the enemies fly around in ragdoll fashion and it’s quite satisfying to do so. There are various level goals, as well. Everything from simple “destroy everyone” levels to “free the P.O.W.s’” levels and things in between. The graphics are semi-3D, meaning that the characters are three dimensionally rendered but the back and foregrounds are simple 2D layers that move at separate speeds. The combination makes for a pretty scene that is also functional and doesn’t clutter or confuse the viewable area. The game is powered by the Unity engine, and anyone familiar with this game engine can tell you that it has some pretty impressive capabilities.

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You’ll have the option to play as Allies or Axis forces and both campaigns are repeatable if you desire. The only real downside is that the program is ad-based so you will se an ad bar at certain points in the game. This, however, is a standard staple and way of providing free software for mobile devices so while it may count as a con it is a relatively minor one in the grand scheme of things and in my own experience it didn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game. So if you like WWII and/or Angry Birds and want a new challenge, give this one a try. Some of the animations are surprising and quite entertaining! Until next time, my friends!

  • Get Angry World War II here.