Get iOS style notifications on your Android lock screen, with ‘LockerPro Lockscreen Lite’


Custom Android lockscreens are proliferating, with some nice free options (see our ‘Must Have Free Android Apps part 3’ post for a recommendation).

Typically, these provide an easy, stylish way of accessing your phone, sometimes sending you straight into your camera app or your phone or messages, etc.

LockerPro Lockscreen Lite is an Android lockscreen with a difference: it brings iOS style notifications right onto your Android lockscreen.

This means that any notifications from any app such as the ones you would normally see your notifications bar (e.g. missed call notifications, messages, Facebook notifications, game notifications, Dropbox, etc.) would appear on your lock screen, and can be accessed right from that screen by flicking them to the right.

LockerPro Lite ScreenshotLockerPro Lite Screenshot2

More info on this one:

  • Access your camera right from the lockscreen: gives you the option to jump straight into you camera or into your launcher.
  • You have complete control over which apps to display notifications from: If you want to see notifications from a specific app, you have to select it manually: LockerPro Lite will suggest a bunch of apps to add to display notifications from (the usual suspects: Phone, Messages, Facebook, Dropbox etc.); but if you have a game or other app, say, whose notifications you care about, you will have to add a checkbox next to it in the settings. Conversely, if you don’t want certain notifications, simply uncheck their app.
  • Free vs. Paid: the paid app lets you remove the notifications bar, which would have been nice, and to perform many more customizations.

The verdict:

I’ve been using this for about a week and it has passed the test of time, so to speak. The notifications are practical and useful and the lock screen works well (the free version is a perfectly adequate app in it’s own right).

The one criticism I have is that LockerPro Lockscreen Lite somehow remains open in the background after you use it, and shows up in the in the active tasks list, which is annoying and begs the question as to whether the app takes up some of your Android’s memory unnecessarily. I hope this issue might be dealt with in an update, but as it is the app works well and I very much recommend it.

Get LockerPro Lockscreen Lite here.