Get sleek, stylish desktop widgets with XWidget


Do you like customizing your desktop and giving it a very stylish look and feel? Do you like to have powerful functions right at your fingertips that connect your desktop with the internet, such as email, weather, RSS, Google Search, etc?

If so, then check out XWidget, a free desktop widget engine that offers sleek, stylish yet useful widgets on your Windows desktop.

It offers dozens of widgets to perform every conceivable function you could think of (and many that you didn’t), and will actually allow you to edit both the form and function of widgets or create your own in a nice WYSIWYG interface.

xwidget screenshot2

xwidget screenshot4

Here are 4 reasons why I like this one

  • The form factor: it just looks awesome
  • Function: it seems that every conceivable function is covered; a large selection of widgets to choose from.
  • xwidget screenshot3Edit your widgets: for those who like to tweak; mainly based on dragging and dropping and setting properties, but might involve writing scripts as well. Check out the interface to the right.
  • Drag and drop: most widgets support drag and drop (e.g. drag a folder or shortcut to the widget to add it).

One reason why I am somewhat ambivalent:

  • CPU usage: memory use is very small, 5 megs or so; however, it seems to engage 1%-2% of the CPU continuously, which I don’t like.

And one definite CON:

  • Website seems unreliable: slow; I tried to download the HTC time/weather widget four or five times before giving up. What gives?

The verdict: overall, very cool. XWidget is a very well made piece of software. Desktop customization enthusiasts will love this one; however, desktop widgets seem to be an acquired taste, with some people loving them and others … not. My advice: try it and see if you like it.

Version tested: 1.22

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8.

Go to the program home page to download (approx. 6.53 megs).