Get that ‘retro’ image look on your desktop, iOS, or Android, with XnRetro


If you want that ‘Instagram’ retro photograph look for some of the many images on your destkop, then check out XnRetro, a free program available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as mobile desktop apps for Android and iOS.

XnRetro is as as simple as can be: load up your picture, then choose from a number of effect presets (with thumbnail previews underneath). You can tweak the effect via sliders, and you can add a frame, vignette, or a number of lighting textures that all fit into the ‘retro’ theme.

It is interesting to see the app developer supporting such a range of desktop and mobile platforms. The desktop and mobile apps work in almost exactly the same way, except that the latter contains ads in some (not all) screens.

XnRetro Windows Screenshot

You can see the app in action on Android below:

XnRetro Android Screenshot

The verdict:

I found this app when someone asked me if they could apply the ‘Instagram’ effects to some of the photos on their hard drive on Windows. Many image processing programs have some sort of ‘retro’ filter that you can apply, but if retro is what you want, then this app is for you and I highly recommend it. Both the mobile and desktop versions work very well.

Get it using the following links: XnRetro Desktop / XnRetro Mobile (iOS, Android)