Get tons of awesome games FREE, with Jogobox for Windows


Do you love games and like an easier way to find and play new ones? Jogobox could be the answer for you, as it offers free games of both the browser and installable variety, as well as constantly offering new content,  all at no cost!

Jogobox is a new way to play and store your games. They offer many types of games you can play for free, including flash games as well as more complicated “PC games” that you’d normally have to install manually on your system.

Jogobox, however, takes the stress and space concerns out of playing games, even those aforementioned PC games, by handling pretty much everything for you with no muss or fuss! Jogobox itself will need to be installed on your system but once you do that you won’t have to worry about installing anything else.


There’s a simple sign up process and before you know it, you’ll be exploring all the great games they have and playing until your eyeballs bleed (or until the spouse yells at you to ‘get off that thing and come eat dinner!’ whichever comes first). Everything is stored on the Jogobox server, like your save games and your history of played games, so you needn’t worry about your available hard drive space, either! Think of Jogobox as a game manager in the same way that Windows is a file manager.

Now, lest you think this is too good to be true and assume that Jogobox only offers unheard of flash games that you will be bored with in less than five minutes, fear not! The big J-box offers all kinds of games, from newer flash games you haven’t tried (also called casual games) to older classics like Prince of Persia to more in depth and complex games like Civilization (Sid Meier’s brainchild) and the original Warcraft (just in case you missed the first Orcs vs. Humans boat). Additionally, there’s also a community forum where you can communicate and discuss games with like-minded folks or argue about which version of Prince of Persia is the best one.


Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

The process is supremely simple. Download the Jogobox program, install it, and then start looking through the games until you find one you want to play. Once you have one, click it and away you go, you’re ready to play! There’s no registration, nothing you are forced to sign up for, nothing to fill out or fiddle with. Just gobs of gooey gaming goodness without all the hassle. Now, you’re not going to find games like Modern Warfare 5 on it, but for those who aren’t into the most cutting edge games or for those who want some camp and kitsch, or reminders of yesterday Jogobox is absolutely perfect and brilliant. I can personally say I will be using it for a long time to come just because I love playing these kinds of games, which take less time than say Skyrim, but can be just as much fun. I didn’t find any real downsides to Jogobox as a system or as a whole, so I’d give it five stars and suggest you go give it a try right now! Until next time, my friends!

  • Get gaming with Jogobox here. [Thanks to reader Panzer for tipping us off about this software]