Download YouTube videos as podcasts with ‘RSS Handler’


Are you the kind of person who watches YouTube videos 24 hours a day, or even just one particular channel on a regular basis? If so, RSS Handler could become your best friend.

It is meant to take YouTube URLs and turn them into podcast feed links that you can use to get your favorite YouTube videos as podcasts. It is simple to use, and best of all it is completely free to download and use!

YouTube has become a mainstay in the realm of online videos in the areas of both entertainment and news, as well as viral information.

Combined with RSS feed technology and podcast concepts, it can easily become much easier on you, so you don’t have to go through and manually click start every single video you want to see.

That’s where RSS Handled comes into its own and shines as a simple but useful bit of freeware.


RSS Handler is supremely simple to use and it costs absolutely nothing, which makes it the perfect companion to watching YouTube videos. You will need a separate podcast program that can take standard RSS feed links and use them to download material. If you already have that set up, you’re ready to start using RSS Handler instantly. Its simplicity is the biggest strength it has, since complicated and difficult to use software is rarely used and simple, easy to use software is going to be on the top of your daily list.


To use RSS Handler, all you have to do is take the link for a YouTube video site, whether it is a single video or a subscription link, and insert it into the RSS Handler interface. Once you have done that, it will generate a link for your podcast program to use to get the YouTube video at that link, either one time or regularly, depending on your preference and what you instruct your podcast program to do. There are a few different options, like whether to use the standard of MP4 format, web FLV format or even Hi-Def format. You can have Handler auto-remove certain bits of info like title or description from the link, as well as designating the number of items to grab, within certain limits (25 or 50 for example). That’s really all there is to it! You can change the port number used, if needed but in general it will work on your first run of the program.

The RSS Handler program does require Java to run, but I don’t really consider this to be a downside or a con, since there are so many programs and pages out there that require Java, you’ve probably already got it installed. However, since it runs on Java’s platform, that does mean it could possibly provide a certain security window but that is a risk you take with any Java based program so again, I don’t consider it a downside. All in all, this is a seriously useful yet simple program that can make your life easier as well as more fun if you’re interested in getting YouTube videos as podcasts so you can check them out later, and combined with your favorite podcast program it also saves you time by downloading on a schedule rather than making you do it manually. I’d recommend it for anyone who is both familiar with podcasts as well as YouTube videos and while it’s better for intermediate to expert users, even beginners can find a foothold with RSS Handler. Until next time, my friends.

  • Get RSS Handler here.