Gimposition: print your PDF documents and ebooks 2 pages per sheet of paper, or in booklet or book format, etc.


Have you ever wished you could print a PDF ebook or document in booklet form, to make it look more like an actual book or booklet? Or perhaps you wanted to print 2 pages per sheet to save paper, or maybe some other similar configuration.

This is exactly what Gimposition can do. This free software (which incidentally has nothing to do with popular freeware bitmap editor GIMP) can process a PDF document to create a new one that is either (a) booklet-formatted, (b) places 2-pages on each physical sheet of paper, (c) lays out two duplicate copies side by side, or lastly (d) so-called 2×1/2n layout.

How it works: simply unzip and run this software, then drag and drop your PDF file onto the interface. Next check the format you are interested in and run (hover over the selected option to get an explanatory tooltip).

Here’s a quick overview of the different output formats:

(1) Booklet printing: “orders pages so that when printed and folded you get a booklet with pages in proper order”. (In other words, is designed for creating a book or booklet, with your printouts stacked and folded in the middle and staples placed there). See example below:

Gimposition ex booklet

(2) 2-Up printing: “odd and even pages are placed side by side; for economic printing and quick reference prints “. (In other words, is designed for placing 2 pages on a single sheet, to save paper). See example below:

Gimposition ex 2-up

(3) Duplicate side by side: “places two copies of the same document side by side, for economic printing “. (In other words, if you want to create 2 copies by splitting the resulting printout in two, cutting straight down the middle). See example below:

Gimposition ex side by side

(4) 2 x 1/2n: “places first half of multi page document side by side, for economic printing “. (a bit of a question mark, this one, but I think it should have been called “book format”, i.e.just like #1 but for double sided printing – please tell me if I am right or wrong in the comments). See example below:

Gimposition ex 2x1_2

The verdict: if you ever need to print large PDF documents or ebooks, Gimposition might prove extremely valuable. Simple and gets the job done.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. Requires MS .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 831K).