GParted Live CD


GParted Live CD is a powerful full-featured partition management software that can create, resize, check, copy, merge, and destroy partitions, and supports multiple file systems.

This is a really good open source partition management software that is very simple and has a self explanatory interface. It can format and perform operations on a all the major file systems (including FAT32 and NTFS).

How to use this software:

  • GParted Live CD is a bootable CD; you have to download the ISO file and burn it to CD.
  • If your CD burning software does not burn ISOs (or if you’re unsure how to do it) ImgBurn can do it for you.
  • Once you have your CD restart your computer and boot from it. Make sure to set the boot order for your machine to start with the CD drive rather than hard drive.

If you want a partition management program that is (a) very simple to use, (b) extremely powerful, and (c) completely free then GParted Live CD is what you’re looking for.

Version tested: 3.3.0

Compatibility: This software is platform independent and will work with any PC.

Go to the program page to download the latest version.