Handy Shortcuts: create desktop shortcuts to frequently used Windows functions


Do you ever wish there was a simple shortcut on the desktop to “safely remove hardware” rather than having to go hunt for it in the system tray menu? Or maybe you would like to toggle the screensaver from a shortcut on the desktop or you could use quick, one-click access to the device manager, etc.Handy Shortcuts is a little free program that can place a number of Windows 7 functions and services as shortcuts on your desktop (a total of 20 different shortcuts in the version I tested, displayed in the screenshot above).

Here’s a list of my top 4 favorites of the bunch:

  1. Safely Remove Hardware: No more hunting for it in the System Tray menu.
  2. Run Screensaver: I like to try screensavers for possible reviews on this site. This shortcut will probably serve me well.
  3. Device Manager: if I had a nickel for every time I ran the device manager I would have enough for a coffee at Starbucks (yes, an astronomical amount!)
  4. Flip3D: Microsoft’s 3D application switcher is on your Vista or Windows 7 PC. This is a handy way to use it, say via a shortcut on the taskbar.

Handy Shortcuts Screenshot

List of supported shortcuts: Lock WorkStation, Switch Account. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Show Desktop, Uninstall Programs, Device Manager, Security Center, Windows Defender, Windows DVD maker, Flip 3D, Launch Screen-saver, Disable Windows Firewall, Enable Windows Firewall, Clear Clipboard, Connect to Internet, Safely Remove Hardware and a Master Control Panel.

The verdict: I found this whilst searching for a way to put “safely remove hardware” as a shortcut on the desktop. The rest to me are an added bonus, but, I am sure, will be variously useful to users as well. My advice: check out the screenshot above and see if there’s anything you want that you think would be useful.

I’ve seen similar apps to this before, and I like that it creates shortcuts with distinct iconss ; if you want more of this sort of thing check out  previously mentioned (but by now perhaps somewhat aged)  Tooler and Fastkake.

Compatibility: Windows 7 & Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit.

Go to the program download page to download the latest version (approx 215K).