Heaven to Ocean


Heaven to Ocean (H2O) is a 2D puzzle platformer physics game where the user manipulates the game environment in order to move a drop of water across the screen.

The objective is to drive the droplet into the ocean while preserving as much of the water’s original volume as possible.

This is a student entry into the Dare to be Digital video game competition from the UK. The storyline is that you are a drop of water (more like a cupful, actually) just released from a cloud onto some sort of construction site.

Your mission is to find your way back and re-unite with the Ocean (actually, a sink on the ground floor which, we assume, drains into the ocean).


Here are some notes on this game:

  • The droplet size: occasionally you may extend your droplet in such a way that it will separate into multiple parts. The camera will always focus on the largest chunk. You can manoeuvre the parts so they’re back together however be careful; once any of the other parts drifts out of camera view they are lost for good. Your goal is to get as much of the droplet to the end as possible.
  • Vapor and snow: should you come across a source of heat (or refrigeration) your droplet temporarily turns into either vapor or snow. Vapor levitates, which could get you out of a tight spot, but since it drags upwards rather than downwards your controls are temporarily reversed. When your droplet turns into a (rather large) snowflake it moves about the environment easily and does not splinter into parts.
  • Interaction with the environment: you will need to set certain events in motion in order to be able to progress further.
  • Production qualities: are generally very good.


This game is very accessible and fun. It is the type of casual game that can be picked up instantly without a huge learning curve. The only criticism I have is that it is very short (I was able to finish it in about 15 minutes); however, the game allows for loading and playing other levels, even when only one is available, so I will keep my fingers crossed that new levels are released in the future.

Compatibility: Windows XP, VISTA.

The game home page seems to be down, but you can download the game here (approx 54 megs).