HideOutlook: minimizes Outlook (and Outlook Express) to the system tray


HideOutlook is a small, free Outlook extension that minimizes Outlook to the system tray instead of the taskbar.

It also enables right-clicking on the HideOutlook icon in the system tray to start common tasks such as creating new emails, notes, appointments, tasks, etc. For Outlook Express use HideOE, a sister extension that performs the same function.

If you use Outlook, like I do at work, you may frequently want to keep it running in the background in order to get email and other notifications as-they-occur.

Fine and dandy, except if it has to be running all the time, you may want Outlook to at least be out of the way, neatly tucked away as an icon in the system tray rather than cluttering up the taskbar.

Strangely, however, Outlook by default does not have a minimize to tray option, which is where HideOutlook comes to the rescue.

More notes on this one below:

  • Minimizes Outlook to system tray: interestingly, there will be two icons in the system tray, the minimized Outlook icon, and the HideOutlook icon (which also looks like an Outlook icon).
  • Launch common tasks: right click on the HideOutlook icon to launch common tasks such as new emails, notes, appointments, tasks, etc.
  • Memory consumption: about 10 megs, which is quite small but seems like it could have been less.
  • Optionally starts with Windows
  • Also available for Outlook Express (see links below)

The verdict: HideOutlook provides a function which should have been included in Outlook, and once you start minimizing Outlook to the system tray you will not want to go back. Note that another way to minimize Outlook (or any app) to the system tray is by using Trayconizer, but HideOutlook is certainly easier to set up and provides extra functionality (it is also more straightforward in terms of recommending to other people).

Version Tested: 1.0.18

Compatibility: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; probably Vista as well (please confirm if you have Vista). I tested with Outlook 2007.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 105K). Go here for HideOE for Outlook Express.