Highlight specific content on a web page to share with others, with InFocus


Imagine that you found some great information on a website, that you wanted to share with others. Except that the information was buried deep inside the page, such that someone would have to scroll down and look for what you wanted them to see in order to actually see it.

Surely, you might think, there must be a way for me to OUTLINE exactly what I want my friends to read, so that they do not get caught up with the irrelevant stuff on top or, more likely, read the top paragraph or title and move on.

Enter InFocus, a free bookmarklet and Chrome extension that will let you highlight specific content or a section on a web page, and send it, highlighted, to others so the see exactly what you want them to see.

A real life example: I was recently looking for a list of US colleges that have “no loans” policies (whereby students are offered grants instead of loans). It wasn’t as easy to find as you might think, and when I finally did find it, it was buried deep within an article.

  • The article with the information I wanted (here)
  • The article with the content highlighted (here)

Note that you can highlight text or any other element, such as a section in an image. For example, check out the screenshot on the top right, where I proudly point out Waldo in a where’s Waldo drawing.

infocus screenshotinFocus I found  Waldo

The verdict: simple and potentially oh so useful. InFocus is extremely easy to use, simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar or install the Chrome extension, and use when needed. It provides a wizard like experience in two steps, and is very intuitive.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this service].

Compatibility: any modern browser, or user the Chrome extension.

Go to the InFocus page to try it out.