How to create and share your own customized Chrome themes


Are you one of those folks that loves to customize the heck out of everything? From your custom cell phone cover to your airbrushed t-shirts and everything in between and beyond, there’s a way to customize just about anything these days.

Browsers are no exception; Chrome, for instance, allows you to use any of a number of themes they have available on the web.

These themes are varied and of many different concepts and colors, but even with all those choices available, I still get asked by lots of people “Is there a free way I can make my own theme for Chrome?” The answer, thankfully, is a decided affirmative.

Yes, there is a way and it’s easier than you may think! And, of course, the best part is that is costs nothing to do so.

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Now, there are those out there reading this while they are also creating a new program for their home-built robot to wash their car. This post is not for you guys, this one is for the folks who are familiar with using Chrome but don’t want to go to tech school for three years before customizing the look and feel of their browser. In other words, the average home computer user and user of Chrome.

While there are a few different ways to accomplish creation of your own custom theme material for Chrome, the best way I have personally found and tried is called My Google Theme and it installs as an extension for Chrome itself, making everything in a nice, neat, centralized package. Once you install the extension you’ll be taken through the steps of creating your own Chrome theme from top to bottom.

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Things that you can customize with My Chrome Theme include the background image or color of the Chrome home screen (the one that shows you most used apps and most visited sites) as well as overall color schemes and individual color points within the browser. For the background, you can use an image from your local system or even use your webcam to take a picture and use it immediately. Then you can change the colors of the individual sections, including background tabs, foreground tab, and window color. Alternatively, you can let the program choose your colors for you, if you want to see what it will come up with.

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The entire process is fast, as easy as checking your email, and the end result will be hosted and sharable through Google. You’ll get a link that you can give to others that will let them use the theme you have created. This makes it ideal for creating club, guild or group logo-based themes and the like and distributing them to the folks within the group easily. It will also give you the chance to impress your less than computer savvy friends when they see the slick theme you created available on the web.

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So there you have it, for those that have asked, the easiest way I know to create free Chrome themes. The whole thing takes maybe sixty seconds if you already know what you want, and longer only as you decide on what you want to do with it. I found no particular downside with this method. Some might call it limited but I call it elegant and simple. In any case it is effective and free and that’s what we like most around here. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get started with My Chrome Theme here
  • See the example theme I created for this post here.