How to download the Favicon from any site


Favicons are very small icons that typically display a site’s logo or brand. These are familiar to everyone who has every bookmarked a URL, and can be seen on the browser’s tab for any page you are visiting.

If you’ve ever wanted to download the favicon from a website then read on. This post will describe an easy and convenient way to do it using free online service Getfavicon.

Before you try anything else, try typing this in your browser’s address bar, without the quotes: “” (thanks Moreno).

Where SITENAME is the name of the site you seek. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, then try the following.

Download Favicon illustration2


Enter the following in your browser “”


Enter the following in your browser “”

Again, change ‘SITENAME’ to whatever site you want. Note that you can use subdomains as well, etc.

This should display the favicon inside your browser. Right click on the image and save it. It should be an .ICO file, if it’s not, rename the extension of the downloaded file to .ICO.

That’s it. Visit for more info.