How to find a freeware game


Over the past few months there seems to have been an explosion of games released as freeware.

This posting will present a sort of meta-index of freeware games-lists that I have found on the net.

At first when this posting was conceived I was going to put together a list of my favorite freeware games; however, I was thinking why create another list when there are so many out there? Here’s a collection of my favorite freeware games lists:

Screenshot mosaic of some freeware games

  1. Freewaregenius’ reviewed freeware games category (scroll down, multiple pages).
  2.’s 101 Free games 2008
  3.’s 101 Free games 2007
  4.’s 101 Free games 2006
  5. Gamespot: Adrian’s guide to 2007 freeware games
  6. Wikipedia’s list of freeware games.
  7. Wikipedia’s list of commercial games released as freeware
  8. Wikipedia’s list of open source games
  9. Wikipedia’s list of free first person shooters
  10. Open source games at the Open Directory Project
  11. TIGsource: best freeware games of 2007
  12. Indygamer has their own best of lists 2007; whaddyaknowit.
  13. Caiman Games: top 60 ranked freeware games
  14. The Random Gnome’s Lair: Our freshly hand-picked free games selection.
  15. Another Random Gnome’s: Oh no! More hand-picked free games.
  16. Also Gnome’s Lair: 100 excellent free games in bloom
  17. Finally Gnome’s: bouquet of hand picked games with dirty commercial pasts
  18. Ghacks also has an ultimate free games list.
  19. Über 100 kostenlose Games!
  20. Cnet’s: 10 most addictive flash games ever made.
  21. Butterblog: neverending list of best free games
  22. MarcoFolio: best freeware first person shooters

I assume there’s a whole bunch of lists that I don’t know about; if there’s a page you know about that absolutely, positively has to be listed please share in the comments.