How to find high quality wallpaper images on any topic


Want to find cool wallpaper? I was recently admiring the wallpaper my friend Jeff (who, incidentally, works for Microsoft) had on his computer.

When I asked him about the source he showed me the new cool wallpaper image search provided in Bing. This posting will show you how to use Bing image search to find great wallpaper images.

I’m not sure if most people have a certain topic that they are partial to for wallpaper images, but I know for myself that I generally like expansive landscapes with an awesome sky and (for some reason) a single tree.

In fact, I’ve written a previous posting about it which even makes an attempt at a psychological explanation. I also like representations of the globe (see the Desktop Earth post). Bing image search has a “wallpaper” filter that allows you to find wallpaper images for the topic of your choice.

Can I do this with Google?: although Bing and Google both provide size filters that can help you hone in on large images, Bing IMHO has a three-pronged advantage (1) the filters are right there in the sidebar whereas in Google you have to dig for them; (2) the Google filters are much more granular, which can be an advantage, except in this case I like the “wallpaper” size option in Bing, and most importantly (3) Bing’s image results are simply cooler; it seems to be looking for “wallpaper” images as such rather than big images. (Note this is what I found at least for terms I was searching for; make the comparison yourself).

Bing Wallpaper Search Screenshot4Here’s a step by step.

  1. Go to Bing Image Search and type in a topic you like. Make it broad (do not make it too narrow) in order to get a decent set of results. For this exercise I typed in “Tree”.
  2. Next, scroll down to the “size” filter in the left sidebar and click on “Wallpaper”
  3. Check out the set of results.
  4. Filter some more: if you like, you can use the other filters in the left sidebar to further filter the results by layout, color, style, etc.

Bonus: once you find desktop wallpapers you like, check out the sites where you found them for other cool wallpaper. For this posting I made two searches for the keywords “tree” and “cloud” and the images displayed above came from this, this, this, and this cool wallpaper site/sources.