How to insert live web sites inside PowerPoint presentations


This post is for all those people that give Powerpoint presentations that are forced to jump to a browser whenever they want to demonstrate a live web site. The fact of the matter is that it is possible to display live web sites from within PowerPoint, using a simple powerpoint add-on. We show you how to do this in three simple steps.

This involves installing a simple PowerPoint add-in that will make it possible. One caveat though: you will need the same add-in installed on the PC that you are presenting from as well, not just the computer where the presentation was created.

Here are step by step instructions.

1. Download ‘Liveweb’, a free PowerPoint add-on

Make sure you have the correct download for the PowerPoint version you are using. If you are using PowerPoint 2013, check the instructions from the webpage linked to above for how you can enable Liveweb for that version.

2. Install it

The easiest way to do this is to unzip the file you just downloaded and place the folder in an appropriate place on your hard drive, then open it and double click on the file named ‘LiveWeb.ppam’. You will likely see the security prompt below, which you need to approve in order to complete the install.

PowerPoint add-ins screen1

If you are unable to install the add-in, you may need to change your security settings. Go here for more info.

3. Insert your webpage(s)

From the Tools menu (in Powerpoint 2007 and above), click ‘Insert Webage’ (see below)

PowerPoint Insert Web Page1

Next, enter the URL in the wizard style series of prompts that follow (note that you can add multiple web pages at once). The process is self explanatory and therefore we will show all of the screens here.

PowerPoint Insert Web Page2

4. Place your webpage object as needed

You can now resize and move your ‘webpage’ object just like any other and copy/paste it to other slides or where you want it to be.

PowerPoint Insert Web Page3

4. Use ‘Slideshow’ to display

Simple and sweet. The page should work as per normal. I was able to view embedded YouTube videos, although some of the CSS rendering was off. Moreover, it likely uses rendering via the IE engine, so that’s something to consider.

PowerPoint Insert Web Page4

That’s it. Thoughts? Comments? Please share them below.