How to send ebooks and documents to Kindle or Kindle mobile app WIRELESSLY


So you have some ebooks or documents on hard drive, but how to transfer these to your Kindle or your iPad Kindle app or other device? Typically, you would need to attach the device to the PC via a USB cable, but wouldn’t be easier to simply to send them wirelessly? This posting will show three ways to do it (1) from the explorer context menu, by right clicking on the documents you want to send, and (2) by emailing your documents. We guarantee: you don’t have to install or use a gigantic piece of software like iTunes or even Calibre to do it.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you should install the Kindle app on your Android or iOS device, as it is one of the best FREE ebook reading apps, and possibly the best free PDF reader on both platforms.

Supported file types: a quick reminder of Kindle supported filetypes; MS Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Ebook Formats (MOBI, AZW, PDF), Image Formats (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF), and HTML (HTML, HTM).

Note: we presuppose that your device and PC are both connected to the internet. If not, you will need a wired connection.

1. Sending via the Windows context menu

  • Go here and download ‘Send to Kindle for PC’, then install. You will need to login using your Amazon credentials. Also that you will need to have administrative privileges’ on your PC to install.
  • Next, select the ebook file or files you want to transfer, then right click ‘Send to Kindle’.

Send To Kindle Screenshot - context menu

Next you will be prompted to select the Kindle you want to send to. If there are multiple Kindles or Kindle apps associated with your account, you can select the ones you want to send to (screenshot below). The files have to be Kindle-compatible ebooks and documents such as MOBI or PDF.

Send to Kindle main dialog

  • Have a Mac? The Mac version does pretty much the same thing, via drag and drop. Get it here.

2. Sending via email

You can email your books to Amazon as attachments, and they will send them to your Kindle. They will even convert a range of formats to Kindle-friendly MOBI if you send an unsupported filetype.

But you will need to do three things (1) know the email address to send to (2) add the email you send from to your approved list in your Amazon account, and (3) use ‘convert’ as your email ‘subject’.

  • Go to the ‘Manage your Devices’ page on Amazon (you will have to log into your account); then click on ‘Personal Document settings in the sidebar)

Manage Your Kindle

  • To find the email address to send to: depends on which device you want to send to, if you have multiple devices. Click into ‘Personal Document Settings’ link pictured above. You will see ‘Send to Kindle E-Mail Settings’ in the middle of the page. Note the email address for the correct device.

Send to Kindle Email Settings

  • Next, scroll down to ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail list’. If the email you want to send from is there, you’re done; all you have to do is go to your email client to send that email.

Approved Email list

  • If the email you want to send to is NOT on the approved email list, then click ‘Add a new approved e-mail address link’ in the bottom. In the prompt that appears, type in the new email address. You can enter the whole email (e.g. [email protected]) to approve it, or enter the domain to approve all email addresses coming from that domain (e.g.

Kindle - add new approved email

  • Finally, open your email client. Add the ebooks and documents you want as attachments, use ‘Convert’ as your subject, and send them off to the email address you found above. Your documents will be delivered shortly if your Kindle or device is connected to the internet.

Questions, thoughts? Please share the in the comments section below.