How to Shutdown Windows without installing Windows updates


If you have a laptop and are on the move, or if you’re simply busy and do not want to wait for 10 or 15 minutes or more at a time to install seemingly perpetual and unending Windows updates, then this tip is for you. It is actually possible and extremely easy to tell Windows to just shut down for now and leave updates for later. This post will show you how to do that, but also how to change the default setting so that Windows 7 no longer installs updates automatically.

I started looking for this when I had a car waiting for me to come out of my house the other day and, to my extreme inconvenience, Windows started installing updates when I shut my laptop down (a laptop that I had to take with me), instructing me to wait and to not unplug the AC cord else the world might end right then and there. (I ended up unplugging it and carrying the open, updating laptop into the car until it finished updating).

  1. How to disable Windows updates just this once
  2. How to disable Windows updates permanently

Here’s how to do it if you just want Windows to shutdown and skip updating on the fly:

  1. Click Alt+F4 on the desktop
  2. In the dialog that appears, choose ‘Shut down’ from the dropdown. (Note that there is another update tilted ‘Install updates and shut down which you do not want’)

Shutdown Windows without updates That’s it.

Here’s what you do if you no longer want Windows to auto-update, period.

(1) Go to Windows Updates. An easy way to do this is to go the the Windows start menu and type in ‘Windows updates in the search box. Find windows updates in the start menu
(2) Click ‘change settings’ change update settings
(3) From the dropdown, select the update behavior you seek. You can disable altogether or instruct to download updates but only update on your say-so, etc. Select update behavior

That’s all.