How to speed up WordPress: a case study


One of the issues that I have struggled with for a long time is the persistent slowness of this WordPress site. This is something I faced over the span of the past 2 years, during which period I used four different themes and four different hosting services, always with high hopes that the ’problem’ might be the particular theme I was using or that the remedy might take the form of a better hosting service.

But the problem would not go away; specifically, a consistently high CPU usage that was disproportionate to the amount of traffic my site got, and which became particularly problematic whenever I got a spike in traffic.

Finally, about a week ago I switched themes again, this time to a (rather excellent) theme entitled Suffusion, and as always hoping that somehow this would provide a boost to the performance issue. When invariably it did not my friend Andrey (aka Rarst of the blog) took it upon himself to go in and optimize my site, and he did a fantastic job. You can read all about what he did in his blog posting about how to optimize and speed up WordPress.

Speeding up WordPress