How to use a custom background image on the Google Search Homepage in Chrome


A few months ago, Google removed the option to add custom images and wallpapers to the Google search homepage.

If you loved this feature or if you like the idea of customizing your Google homepage, try ‘Background Image for Google Home’, a handy Chrome extension that allows you  to use custom wallpapers on the Google Home Page.

How to Set Custom Background in Google

Once you install the Background Image for Google Home extension you will be automatically directed to the settings page, which actually has a huge library of preinstalled wallpapers to choose from, or you can upload the one you want using the direct link. It even allows you to upload image to Imgur and use it as Google search background.

Custom Search Google
One great thing about this extension is that it allows users to search/browse images from Flickr to potentially use as background right from the settings page without opening Flickr.

We’re not really sure what the focus area grid does. Leaving it in the middle seems to work fine (and we didn’t see any discernable changes when changing it). If in doubt, leave as is.


The Verdict

There are two kinds of computer users: those who want to customize everything about their computer experience, and those who don’t. The former will find this Chrome extension very exciting, especially now that Google has made it more difficult to change change your search homepage background. Download Background Image for Google Home offers variety of features and places to choose from as well and doesn’t require hard rocket science to make it work.

Download Background Image for Google Home.