“I made this. You play this. We are enemies”: the flash game as creative expression


I made this. You play this. We are enemies” is a free flash platform game where the objective is to navigate a ball across different maze-like levels.

It is the sequel to a previously mentioned game called “Game, game, game and again game“. Like it’s predecessor, “I made this” is not just a game but an artistic vehicle, an exercise in creative expression that uses the gaming format as its medium.

The game’s subject matter: this, as stated in the game itself, would be the “Appalachian-style battle between the game maker and the game player, the artist and those wanky enough to like art, the poet and those that sing-song themselves through bittery selfish sexual whatnots”. In other words, a struggle of epic proportions between the game maker and his/her audience.

Except it doesn’t seem like a struggle at all; in fact having played this I can report that what I like the most about it is mainly the interactive visual experience, the rush of colors, text, and illustrations (and adrenalin!) that comes with playing/exploring this game.


The game’s subject matter revisited: the author has taken some very familiar (and unfamiliar) web sites and used these as interactive settings in the game itself, so there’s a satirical  element taking place there as well (and a vision of what it would look like if graffiti artists could practice their craft on websites). A list of these sites follows (which I quote from the game itself):


  • google.com (their blog); yahoo.com (their home); fark.com (their news); huffingtonpost.com (their business); disney.com (their corporate); riaa.com (they’re scary); mininova.org (they are not); somethingawful.com (their main); metafilter.com (their postie posts); boingboing.net (their shirt thing), and joystiq.com (they rock)

The verdict: a rather strange yet interesting game that is designed with exploration in mind. Its draw, for me, is in the spectacular visual effects which motivate me to get to that next leve just to see what will come next. Try it out. Compatibility: Multi-platform; plays in your browser. Go to the game page.