Import your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Apple Motion sequences into Adobe After effects – Free


Do you need to import your Avid or Final Cut Pro video sequences for editing with Final Cut Pro? Or, alternately, do you need to import or export sequences with Final Cut or Final Cut Pro? If so, you’re in luck. Automatic Duck, a software outfit with a wide range of tools designed to import and export all manner of video sequences into Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro, has just been bought by Adobe, and all of their software is now available for free, downloadable on their site.

I’ve dabbled with making movies using linear video editing software and taken some classes, and have seen first hand the kind of amazing post-processing capabilities that are possible to accomplish with Adobe After Effects.

Which is why these now-free products from Automatic Duck might be so noteworthy. I haven’t tried or tested any of these myself, but if you work with After Effects or Final Cut/Final Cut Pro, you are certain to appreciate these.

If you try any of these I would appreciate your opinion in the comments section below.

Go to Automatic Duck’s Website.