Improve your photos with Croppola: a free web service that can suggest better picture compositions


Do you think it’s possible to teach good taste to a computer?, or that a program can suggest better picture compositions? That is what free online service Croppola aspires to; it “provides automatic suggestions to obtain the best composition from pictures you have already shot”,

which, in English, means that it will suggest ways to crop your images that can potentially give you a better result and a better image.

Croppola is a free web service that lets you upload pictures in batch, suggests image crops for each, and will let you download the cropped files in one go as well.

Croppola Screenshot3

But does it work?  Judge for yourself. I tested 6 images in total; here are the before and afters. Note: Croppola-processed image is always on the RIGHT.

Here’s where I think the cropping worked: click on each set to preview

Image1 before and after CroppolaImage2 before and after CroppolaImage5 before and after CroppolaImage4 before and after croppolaImage3 pano before and after Croppola

Here’s where I think it didn’t: cropped is on the right; click to preview

Image6 before and after Croppola

The verdict: not a bad tool at all; however, it is handicapped considerably by the simple fact that you need to upload and download your image, and I cannot seriously see myself doing so for large image libraries. Best used for a handful of images that you would like an ‘opinion’ on, as it were.

Wish list: in our opinion, Croppola should have a downloadable option that can be run locally on your PC or device, which would circumvent the problem of having to upload your images.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this service].

Check out Croppola.