Improve your typing skills for free with Type-Fu!


Do you type less than five words a minute? Do you hunt and peck like a chicken looking for seed in a desert? If so, you can improve those typing skills, up to and including being able to type without looking at the keyboard, using a great web service called Type-Fu. Best of all, of course, it won’t cost you a thing but time and effort!

Type-Fu may sound like a modern re-telling of an old karate film, but I promise it’s much more useful than that. It is, in fact, a very useful and even fun website that will help you to improve your typing skills.

It does so almost painlessly and, by presenting the issue in a game-like setting, it makes the process seem less like a chore and more like fun! Hard to argue with results and philosophy like that. Type-Fu can even help you improve your overall typing speed and accuracy if you’re already a 55 wpm person.Practice makes progress, after all!


The site and system itself is quite simple to use and since it doesn’t require lengthy sign up forms or registration processes, you can just jump right in and start type-fu-ing in moments. It begins simply enough, by having you type a string of words and prefixes all in a row. Once you master that exercise, you will move on to adding the space bar into your repertoire and from there the sky is the limit. As you finish each exercise, you’ll get specific results printed to the right side that will show your words per minute and accuracy, as well as the time it took you to complete that particular exercise.


In addition to the simple exercises, the program and page also tracks your progress over all-time usage and specific sessions. It will then display this important info for you in line graph form, which helps you to pinpoint exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are without having to take notes by hand. It will also give you useful info like which words or letter combinations you have most often mis-typed as well as the ones you are most proficient with. All these stats will help you see your progress as well as determine what areas you need to concentrate on a bit more.

Type-Fu-ScreenShot00047Type Fu ScreenShot00048

While there are plenty of purchasable programs out there to teach you to type, this is a free solution that is both simple and effective. No frills, no super fancy GUI, no lengthy instruction sessions. Just pick up, practice and put down whenever you want! In the warp speed pace of today’s world this is the kind of thing we love most: a time saver and a useful teaching tool. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their typing, no matter what level of advancement they have already attained and it is great for kids as well as adults. It’s also, as I understand it, available for Mac systems! Until next time, my friends!

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