Increase the frame rate and speed of your games with Game Booster 3


Game Booster 3 (GB3) is free a program from IOBit software that will help you maximize the performance of your PC while playing almost any game. It’s very easy to use, and can help most computers, old or new, by devoting maximum resources to the game instead of wasting them on unnecessary programs and processes in the background.

As a habitual gamer, I am always on the lookout for programs or tools that will help me in any way to get an edge. At the time of this posting, I have an Acer Aspire 5742 laptop with a decent CPU but lousy Intel integrated graphics, rather than a dedicate or discrete GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

Not having a dedicated video card means that many games are out of my reach (I refuse to cry about Skyrim!) and many games, worse yet, will play on my system but they are very very slow, choppy, and almost unplayable.

This has been the bane of PC gamers since the dawn of time (which, as we all know, was when the first edition of Pong came out) and we are forever searching for ways to combat this problem without spending an arm and a leg or the kids’ college fund to do so. Enter: Game Booster 3, a great little program that will help you to get the most out of your PC when playing games on it.

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It does this in a number of different ways, including managing system resources, offering support via Game Booster community for tweak and other information, and by helping to make sure your system is up to date with drivers and other functions. And it does all of this free of charge!

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The first, and probably the most important, way that GB3 helps maximize your system’s gaming potential is by taking control of your system’s resources and managing them in a way that dedicates the whole PC to the game. Metaphorically, it squeezes every last drop of power from your system and pours it into the game, which ultimately increases frame rate, response time, and efficiency of the game program. Think of it this way: what if you had a PlayStation 3, but instead of the standard programming, it had an operating system that takes up 20 – 40% of the system resources including RAM, storage space, and CPU power? Your PS3 games would probably still play on it, but they would be slow, with choppy or stuttering frame rates, skipping or halting audio and delayed response time from the controls to the game. Ideally, the solution to such an issue would be to remove that operating system and just go back to using the regular PS3 internal programming, right? Well that is much like what GB3 can do for your PC and in the end result it can actually boost the capabilities of your system so that games you were unable to play before will run smoothly. Games that you were able to play before will run like quicksilver, as well. GB3 also helps you to keep your drivers updated, offers instant analysis and info on nearly any process or program you are currently running (so you can decide whether to shut it off or not) and lots of other little tweaks and changes that almost turn GB3 into a game of its very own: “How much more power can I wring from this computer?” isn’t a title that you would see on the shelves at your local electronics store but it is accurate, to my way of thinking.

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To be a responsible journalist, I feel I should mention here that modifying (or ‘tweaking’) the system resources of your Windows operating system can lead to bugs, crashes or even ultimate failure of the system which could require drastic measures to fix, like wiping the hard drive and starting all over. However, I also feel I should mention that I have tested GB3 pretty thoroughly myself and thus far have not had any problems of that sort. That may be due, largely, to the fact that I followed all the on screen advice from the program (like, don’t turn that off, it will crash Windows!) but I was still able to get a boost in performance on my system while playing games. For the purposes of this article I chose Bioshock (the first one) as the game I would use as a benchmark because it is now super new, nor is it really that old, when it comes to the general system requirements to play it. Additionally, I was able to play Bioshock before using GB3 but the usual problems of an underpowered system resulted; the game was slow and not enjoyable. After using GB3 and most of the features it offers, I was able to get a much better, very noticeable difference in the playability and speed of the game, lifting my average frame rate from about 12 frames per second to a very decent 24 FPS. Note that I got a nearly doubled frame rate, without buying or installing a single bit of new hardware on the system. To me, that’s worth every penny of the price tag ($0.00) on Game Booster 3.

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The only real downside I found with GB3, aside from the casual danger of crashing my system, was that it asks you to install a toolbar and various other bits of ‘junk-ware’ while you are installing the main program. This was not really a big deal, however, since it allows you to skip all of that just by clicking the button marked, sensibly, “Skip” and just install Game Booster 3. I plan on playing with this program and fiddling around with it a lot more in the future. I have already managed an increase of about 5 or 6 frames per second in Dragon Age II, and I am beginning to wonder if it’s worth trying Skyrim after all! In any case, I suggest to all gamers out there that you at least give GB3 a try. It might just save your life in the next game you play. Until next time, my friends!

CONS: Wants to install an annoying toolbar as well as some other programs, but they can be skipped/declined.

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AUTHORS NOTE: As of June 30 2012 they have released a new version, 3.4 that is paid license only. However, you can still find downloads for version 3 on many sites, if you do a basic search using your favorite engine. Just be sure to specify version 3 and you will be alright. There’s no telling how long it will take before all those sites update to the newest version, so hurry!