InFocus Pro: an iPhone task manager with calendar integration and hand drawn input support


Are you looking for a good task-management app for your iPhone that can manage different projects? If so, you should try Infocus Pro, a nifty little app that allows you to manage your tasks, add meetings to and events to your calendar, as well as take notes.

Infocus Pro wants to be your all-in-one productivity app that help you keep track and remember everything that you need to do.

It’s a veritable swiss army knife of organizational tools that integrates with your iOS calendar and allows for hand-drawn input for tasks and notes. Best of all, while once it would have cost you $8, it is now totally FREE.

InFocus Pro Screenshot - dashboard

This Infocus dashboard offers a menu of the various offerings, where you can select things you want to do. The calendar will show all the appointments and meetings, if you allow it to have access it will display items you have set up on your iOS calendar as well. It shows you daily, weekly and monthly events separately or all of the events in a list. In the Projects tab, you can create projects and connect them to their constituent tasks that you have to complete. The To-do list is automatically updated in relation to the projects you have created. You can even give your projects a color to represent it and give it a priority, and set up alerts to notify you about any pending task that is over due.

InFocus Pro Screenshot1InFocus Pro Screenshot2

To view the lists of tasks you have to complete, just go to the to-do list option and it will show you all the tasks categorized in different tabs. Just tap on the task you have completed to remove it from the list. You can take Notes, add them to calendar events, take pictures and attach them to notes, and much more. The most promising feature of the app is that you can jot hand drawn sticky notes as well right in the app.

The Verdict

Infocus Pro is an all-in-one organizational tool that covers a lot of ground, all from the same interface. It integrates with the iPhone calendar, has a very nice interface, and offers support for hand-drawn input for tasks and notes (very useful when you’re in a hurry). If you’ve been looking for an iPhone app to keep you organized then by all means give this one a try.

The one thing that it lacks is the ability to send or delegate tasks with other Infocus Pro users, something which many task management apps have been incorporating (such as and 24me), and which is slowly becoming a must have standard feature for tasks management apps.

But try this out for yourself. We think you are going to like it.

Download Infocus Pro.