Insert your face into ‘interesting’ and funny photos with Photofunia


Photofunia is a free online service that can embed any photo within a number of image templates. It provides a very wide range of interesting images to choose from, and offers the option to apply a handful of effects to the resulting image.

Photofunia can run on mobile devices, with ad-supported apps for Android, iPhone and others.

I am sure you’ve seen something like this before; the internet is full of similar services, but that doesn’t make Photofunia any less fun.

It is, moreover, a bit less cheesy and more tasteful than many others, and the sheer range of templates on offer is impressive, as is the range of topics/categories (see below left). Also pictured below – the Photofunia iPhone app.

My mug on a wallMe in b&w TV

Lastly, Photofunia does a really excellent job embedding your photo into the image template (see examples top of this post; and yes the mug is that of yours truly!)

Be sure to check out the ‘Lab’ section (which can transform your face to, say, a Lego brick portrait, an Oil Painting or a calendar, etc.), as well as the ‘Filters’ tab where you can apply a few color effects (e.g. sepia, black and white, etc).

Photofunia CategoriesPhotofunia iPhone app2
The verdict: one of the best services of it’s kind; very fun and well done. The one thing I wish it had is the ability to create an account and keep all uploaded as well as output images. If this sort of thing seems like it might be fun to you, you will like Photofunia.

Visit the Photofunia web site.