Install (or update) some great freeware in batch, with Milouz Market


I will admit: I was quite surprised at the appeal of appstores, which are obviously the way of the future. Users seem to like the notion of going to a single place to install and update apps, rather than hunting for each program on the net and installing updates on an ad-hoc basis.

Enter: Milouz Market, a free program for Windows which consists of a simple list of mostly freeware, covering some of the best titles in pretty much every category. Users can browse the list and silently install any of the titles on-the-spot. Milouz Market will also scan a PC to identify any available updates for already installed programs, and will let you update them on the spot singly or all together in batch.

A really nice program. The selections are very well thought of and include some of the best available titles. Note that the list, while mostly freeware, also includes some paid programs as well (e.g. Winrar). The author is open for feedback via email, so if you have any title you want added you could suggest it to him directly.

Milouz Market Screenshot

Note that the ‘silent setup’ option is selected by default, which is a very nice feature that can circumvent any crapware or bundled offers that you may otherwise face if installing a program yourself.

If you have tried any similar ‘app store’ or batch-updating programs, please give us some feedback and/or your opinion about this program in the comments section below.

Get Milouz Market here (Windows; 32 but and 64 bit versions available).