iPhone backup switch: toggle iPhone backup off and on in iTunes


I love my iPhone, but when I sync it via iTunes I am annoyed by that software’s insistence on backing up my device every single time, a process that can take quite a long time. This is especially true when I simply want to sync an app or a podcast and quickly be on my way.

Also, on my work laptop, I simply don’t have enough free space on my hard drive for a full backup, and if I don’t manually stop it it will simply take up all my free space and fail. Yes, it seems Apple’s programmers are not infallible and perfect after all.


So I set out to find some registry tweak or trick that would switch off automatic phone backup in iTunes, and found something that’s even better: iPhone backup switch is a simple app that will simply toggle iPhone backup off and back on in iTunes, with a single click.

This is a simple software that just works, and for those, like myself, who have had to manually abort every single bone-headed iTunes backup operation it will simply delight.

Version Tested: 1.1

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires iTunes.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 2.52 megs).