JDiskReport is a program that can perform a scan and generate detailed reports on the sizes of files and folders that exist on your hard drive.

If you think you know exactly what files and folders occupy the most space on your hard drive you are probably mistaken. JDiskReport is a program that can tell you exactly where all of hard drive capacity is being used up. It can do this from a hi-level macro perspective and allow you to drill down to any level of detail that you want.

This program will generate pie charts, ring charts, bar charts, or file/folder lists (all of these are sortable by size). It can also create a number of reports such as: top 100 largets files report, reports showing the distribution of files sizes and distribution of modification dates, and a report that shows the distribution of files by type. For example, I learned that the largest chunk of files on my hard drive were .mp3 files, followed by .xls files (not very useful perhaps but interesting).

As a freeware program this is a full-featured program and probably the best in its category; here’s what I like about it:

  • The ability to save scans and revisit them later on.
  • Lists folders and files both, unlike some other freeware programs in this category which show folders only.
  • Has a nice look and feel; charts are clickable and are simple and straightforward (I personally do not like the ring charts and multicolored block views championed by some other similar applications).
  • Small footprint.
  • Gives the option to see reports/charts based on number of files in folders rather than their size, which could be useful in some cases.


  • you need to get JAVA on your machine before you can install this program.
  • You can run this program straight off the website if you want. Look for ‘Web Launch’ in the program’s home page.

All in all a very competent utility that looks good and does an excellent job. Recommended.

Version tested: 2.2.85

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version.